Brotherhood of Catholic Men and Adolescents

Live with Catholic Brothers and Grow in Your Faith

The Catholic Brotherhood House of New York City

The Catholic Brotherhood House is a home of 12 Catholic Brothers, living and working in NYC, who vow to grow in their faith, lead chaste lives, frequent the sacraments, and pursue their careers. Located in Riverdale, NYC 10471, only a mile to Manhattan and 20 minutes to Midtown. Great house, low rent, and comradery.

Scheduled Grand Opening, Fall 2019. Currently accepting applicants.

We invite and encourage all Catholic men of to learn more about living in the House.

Iron sharpens iron. - Proverbs 27:17

Who is the Catholic Brotherhood House of NYC for?

Are you a Catholic man looking for happiness in this life by living in harmony with the teachings of the Catholic Church?  

Are you currently living or plan to live in New York City in Fall 2019? 


 The Catholic Brotherhood House is located in the beautiful neighboorhood of Villanova Heights at 5031 Grosvenor Avenue, 5041 Grosvenor Avenue and 5041 Goodridge Avenue. Villanova Heights is located in the Northwest Bronx, a little over a mile to Manhattan and a 20-minute drive to midtown. 

You can visit the Villanova Heights website for more information on each of the homes.

The Metro-North train is 22 minutes to Penn Station. NYC buses and subways are available.  

The goal of each man who joins the House is to achieve the freedom necessary to fully engage the love of God and the love of neighbor.  

The House offers you the support structure you need to achieve your goals: to love God with all your heart, mind, body, and soul.  

What is included in the Catholic Brotherhood House of New York City?

The houses can accommodate approximately 12 men each in a combination of single and 2-bedrooms. Attendees have access to a spacious kitchen, living and eating spaces, elevators and outdoor pools.  

There is also a small chapel.  

The bedrooms and living spaces are fully furnished. There is a 24/7 high-speed computer room.

We invite and encourage all Catholic men of to learn more about living in the House.  

The Catholic Brotherhood House is designed for single or separated Catholic men, as well as men actively studying to be Catholic.  

The Rules of the House

The House has certain rules: 

  • Except for an initial visit by immediate family members, there are no visits from friends and family 
  • Members are expected to share in cooking and cleaning to maintain a neat and clean interior 
  • Members are encouraged to make themselves available for a few hours per week to teleconference with non-residing members attempting to live chaste lives. 
  • There is a general “lights out” rule in bedrooms at 10:30 PM.  

Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong. - 1 Corinthians 16:13

How to Apply

The monthly costs [approximately $1,500] are all-inclusive of room use, utilities, Wi-Fi and building maintenance. 

Rent in NYC is often double and triple this amount and rarely include amenities and maintenance.  

Food is not included. 

Members are encouraged to eat together often between 6-9:00 pm by either cooking the food or ordering take-outs.  

If you are interested, call us at (914) 613-5510 or please compete the form. If you appear to be eligible, you will be invited to stay with us for up to 2 days at no cost. 

You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your being, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself. - Luke 10:27