Brotherhood of Catholic Men and Adolescents


We are a volunteer community of Catholic men and adolescents and we seek to faithfully follow the teaching of the Catholic Church.

We know that God the father and Jesus have asked simply that we love the Lord our God and our neighbors as ourselves and that this will guarantee us eternal life in heaven.

(Deuteronomy 6-5; Leviticus 19:18; Luke 10:27;  Mark 12:30;  Matthew 22:37; Romans 8:28).

We seek to be devout Catholics during our mortal life while living in a culture that makes this difficult.

We discuss all of the 10 Commandments, with a special emphasis on the Sixth commandment and sexual morality.

We seek no change in the teachings of His Church.  Rather, we seek to understand those teachings and how to live in harmony with them. We do this in an 8 week “semester” in which we assign “video homework” and hold weekly 50 minute teleconference consultations.

We are particularly concerned with adolescent Catholics.  They are at risk of losing their faith in our culture.  They need the counseling of devout Catholic men.

And this much we know:  We can live in harmony with the teachings of His Church.  And when we do, we are happier and more joyful in this mortal life than when we do not follow the teachings.

We charge nothing for our counseling.  There are no costs involved.  But we will suggest that you try to help others by either counseling or referring students.

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